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Safety comes from experience

Rhomberg Bahntechnik GmbH and Alpine Bau GmbH are undertaking this contract as ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER. Working in this consortium, they can call upon the knowledge and experience gained from many outstanding international projects.

A similar arrangement was used when Rhomberg Bahntechnik AG acted as the total contractor in the ARGE Bahntechnik Lötschberg consortium and carried out the railway engineering infrastructure work for the 35 km long Lötschberg Base Tunnel.

Alpine Bau GmbH is currently providing the railway engineering infrastructure for the Gotthard Base Tunnel as the ARGE Transtec Gotthard consortium.

The Brenner Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (BEG) - a subsidiary of ÖBB Infrastruktur Bau AG - is the client for this extensive project.

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