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Lower Inn Valley Rail Link

A challenge for the main contractor

The new Kundl – Baumkirchen rail link is 41 km long, with 34 kilometres of its length running in 2-track tun-nels, U-box cuttings and other subsurface structures. It is the main connection to the future Brenner Base Tunnel and part of the Munich-Verona rail axis (TEN 1 Axis Berlin – Palermo).

The Lower Inn Rail Link shor-tens the journey time between Munich and Innsbruck by 55 minutes, relieves traffic on the existing rail link and therefore the noise levels. Goods and passengers can travel at speeds of up to 250 km/h on the new line.

Brenner Eisenbahn Gesellschaft (BEG) is the client for this extensive project. Scheduled rail services on the Kundl – Baumkirchen section will begin in 2012, which means: the contractor will be under severe time pres-sure, there is no slack in the programme! The total contract volume amounts to 260 million euro



Contract signed: 1.10.2008, construction started: 7.1.2009,
completion: 25.07.2012

On-time delivery and precision:

No ifs, no buts! The requirements asked of the Lower Inn Rail Link – and of ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER – are very high: Safety, durability and cost-effectiveness are top priority. The railway line must withstand high loads and be easy to maintain. The start-up date does not allow any time for delays in planning and const-ruction.


All 13 work sections covered in Contract A1 are centrally managed. As the main contractor, the ARGE ALP-TRANSIT BRENNER consortium is responsible for the design of a full range of works (e.g. slab track, fire fighting facilities etc.) as well as their coordination and construction.

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