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Section 02

Logistics, Safety and Security Management

Installation and operation of infrastructure up to takeover by the operating party, e.g. site facilities, work-shops, residential camp (incl. canteen) | logistics operations and security control | provision of necessary rail transport | coordination of various trades and third parties on site | coordination of all road and rail transport | management of tunnel drainage systems | maintenance of final systems | final cleaning of tunnel facilities | security management up to takeover by the operating party | implementation and coordination of the general principles of risk prevention | monitoring of security policy compliance | access control | positioning technology
In the Logistics, Safety and Security Management Section ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER undertakes the higher level tasks in relation to coordination and control of logistics and the higher level tasks of safety and security management for all sections of the installation works.


Logistics coordination 

Overall logistics coordination is one of the core tasks of the Section and includes the following activities:

  • Disposition of all rail and road site traffic
  • Traffic control and optimisation of the traffic flows (road and rail)
  • Coordination of material supply to and removal from the site, particularly the transport over the ÖBB's sidings and main tracks 
  • Control and monitoring of compliance with the specified requirements applying to the road and rail vehicles used, in particular in the tunnel system (occupational safety and health, dimensions, loads, motorisation, emissions)
  • Monitoring of compliance with the requirements for environmental protection relating to the traffic on the site (e.g. dust generation, noise emissions)
  • Coordinating and instructing the required maintenance and modifications to the accesses and site facilities areas given over to the contractor (snow clearing, cleaning, spraying with water to prevent dust generation, modification to suit different site situations, site signage)
  • Monitoring and coordination of waste disposal from the area of the site and the site facilities
  • Regulation of tunnel usage and definition of logistics rules
  • Carrying out and coordination of special activities
  • Operational management of the tunnel drainage system (drainage pipes, chambers, temporary pumps, final works pumps) until takeover by the operating party
  • Operational management and maintenance of installed final works system components and systems until takeover by the operating party
  • Carrying out and coordination of the final cleaning of the tunnel system
  • Arrangement of integrated commissioning of the railway engineering infrastructure


A metalworking shop and electricians shop will be established on site to meet operational requirements.

  • Special structures and devices for use on site
  • Repairs from A to Z
  • Construction, installation, monitoring and operation of electrical systems and equipment

Site offices, accomodation and canteen 

  • Provision and operation of site offices (including one for BEG) and general site facilities
  • Provision and operation of accommodation for over 150 employees
  • Provision and operation of a canteen for employees

Logistics/Security control room

The control room monitors, controls and coordinates in detail everything that happens on site and is the main point of contact for questions or operational information.
It is continuously manned every working day, starting one hour before work starts and finishing one hour after the site closes.
The control room has the following duties:

Safety and security

  • Continuously manned point of contact for all security-related matters
  • Taking action to instigate the appropriate prearranged procedure in response to an incident on site (e.g. oil and chemical accidents, fire, injury accidents, flooding, …)
  • Monitoring the limits for tunnel climate and air quality
  • Intervention in the event of malfunction or failure of safety-relevant equipment (e.g. site tem-porary works systems)
  • Control of all the systems required for safety in the tunnel system in the event of an incident
  • Administration of the training of employees of other project participants, and the issue of passes for the access system and determining the positions of people and vehicles on site
  • Operational management of the access controls and the positioning systems for people and vehicles on site
  • Access control at unmanned external entry points by radio and video systems
  • Issue of personal protective equipment to visitors and rescue organisations
  • Instruction of rescue organisations when deployed in the tunnel


  • Operational management (train control) of rail vehicles on the site including drawing up of the relevant operational rules for each phase of construction
  • Use of positioning system for vehicles and personnel during operational control of traffic in the tunnel system
  • Reporting centre for defective site temporary works systems and instruction of the necessary repairs
  • Information centre for all logistics matters

Safety and security management

The Brenner North Access site is notable above all for the following safety and security characteristics:

  • Complex underground system consisting of long main/rescue tunnels, crossways, connecting and side galleries
  • Several accesses through portals (U-boxes), galleries, rescue tunnels, side galleries and rescue shafts
  • Lorry operations for transport during the construction phase
  • Rail vehicle operations for transport during the construction phase
  • Inspections – and high speed trials during integrated commissioning at train speeds of up to 280 km/h
  • Concurrent working at different locations
  • Concurrent working by different contractors and on different contracts in the tunnel (including H-Contract, Contracts A1, A2, A5, etc.)
  • Common use of the most important installations (site ventilation, lighting, communication systems, power supply, transport systems, etc.)

Requirements for works and contract-wide safety and security management in Contract A1:

  • Application of contract-wide safety and security requirements during infrastructure installation in site facilities areas, accesses and the whole tunnel system
  • Monitoring, control and documentation of all safety and security-relevant parameters
  • Management of the site until the arrival on site of the heads of emergency services organisation teams
  • Management of the site during malfunction or failure of safely-relevant temporary works systems inc-luding implementation of the prearranged measures in accordance with the safety plan (until tunnel has been evacuated)
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