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Section 13

Laying of Cable

Supply and laying of main cable lengths (1,130 km cable & 1,040 km fibre optic cable ducts) for systems engineering for 16.7 Hz railway power control systems, 50 Hz power supply, railway control systems, tele-communications devices

ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER is responsible for supplying, laying and connecting the power, control and telecommunications cables to 35 shaft head buildings, 7 service buildings and 2 rescue portals, and all of the cable systems in the main tunnel (about 34 km), in the rescue tunnels and for the systems in the switch chambers and the shaft head buildings.

The quantities are approximately 1,130 km cable and 1,040 km fibre-optic cable duct (including speed-pipe).

The contract also includes the supply and installation of all the necessary fastening and assembly materials such as cable ladders, cable clips, etc.
The voltage levels range from 1000 to 10,000 volts at 50 hertz and in the cable length for the overhead con-tact line 15,000 volts at 16.7 hertz.

The cables are installed in compliance with the Austrian standards, in particular ÖVE L20.
Associated with the cable installation are a wide range of tests and documentation.

Cable termination for transformer

Cable termination for transformer<br />

Cable systems 50Hz up to 1000V/10,000V

  • 100 km 10 kV medium voltage cable laid in a triple bundle
  • 380 km low voltage cable
  • 75 km telecommunications cable
  • 12 km equipotential bonding
Cross section of power cable

Cross section of power cable<br />

Cable systems 16.7 Hz up to 15,000V

  • 73 km high voltage cable
  • 5 km return cable

Control cable for railway signalling system 

  • 210 km signalling cable

Telecommunications cable

  • 240 km communications cable
  • 200 km fibre optic cable hose with 840 km micropipes installed (speed-pipes)
Speed Pipe

Speed Pipe<br />

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