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Section 14

Buildings, Interior Work

Building and interior work on 35 shaft head buildings, 7 service buildings and 2 rescue portals | builder's work | drywall construction | metalwork | screed laying | painting
ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER carries out the building and interior work on the shaft head buildings and service buildings.

This includes the following items:

  • Builder's work: Erection of non-loadbearing internal dividing walls (fire resistance class: EI90)
  • Drywall construction: E.g. wall linings in the area of the ventilation ducts, thermal insulation
  • Metalwork: Supply and fitting of internal doors, fire doors, handrails, railings, ventilation grids, steel stairs, subframes for distribution cabinets and transformers, gratings, etc.
  • Screed laying
  • Miscellaneous painting work

The buildings to be constructed by ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER are summarised below:

  • Shaft head buildings: Emergency exits from the main tunnel to the outside – through connecting tun-nels and rescue shafts - are arranged at intervals of approximately 500 m. They lead into the shaft head buildings. The plan areas of the 35 single- and two-storey shaft head buildings range between 86.50 and 161.50 m². These buildings also contain the equipment rooms (e.g. ventilator rooms).
  • Service buildings: Service buildings contain the technical equipment and controls for the sections of track. The plan areas of the 7 single- and two-storey service buildings range between 153 and 323 m². The buildings house signalling controls, transformer stations, telecommunications systems, low and high voltage equipment, conference rooms and emergency coordination centres.
  • Access ramp galleries: Switchrooms are contained in the 4 access ramp galleries.
  • Portal rescue tunnels: Interior work for 2 rescue tunnel portals. The rescue tunnel portals - like the rescue shafts and shaft head buildings, horizontal means of escape - contain technical equipment rooms.

Section 14 in figures:

  • 600 m² concrete and reinforced concrete works
  • 2,300 m² wall and fixings work
  • 6,400 m² plastering work
  • 3,400 m² screeding work
  • 2,900 m² drywalling work
  • 25,900 m² coatings for metal, walling plaster and concrete
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