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Section 17

Ventilation Systems

Supply and installation of 43 fans in rescue tunnels and shafts as well as in the shaft head and service buil-dings | supply and installation of ventilation ducts | supply and installation of necessary EI & C systems (Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Technology)

Together with the airlock systems, the ventilation systems are important to ensuring the safety of the escape and rescue routes. In accordance with the rescue and safety concepts, the escape and rescue routes are kept supplied with fresh air, not the operating tunnel. In the event of an emergency, the supply of fresh air is intended to keep the escape and rescue routes free of smoke, allowing the operational tunnel occupants to escape without the aid of rescue teams.

The ventilation systems create overpressure in the airlocks in Section 15 so that, in the event of fire, smoke and noxious gases are prevented from entering the escape and rescue routes - even if an airlock door is open.
For this to be effective in keeping back the fumes and smoke from a fire, air must be introduced into the es-cape and rescue route in high volumes and move at high speed against the direction of escape. 41 axial fans and three jet fans are used to provide volume flows of 18.75 to 95 m³/s. A pressure relief flap ensures that the maximum pressure is not exceeded and that the external airlock doors can still be unlocked.

The opening of an airlock door triggers an alarm in the central control room. The alarm also initiates the ven-tilators and associated equipment controlled from the central control room.

ARGE ALPTRANSIT BRENNER designed and installed the following components into the works

  • 41 axial fans
  • 3 jet fans
  • 4200 m² air ducts and 250 m² flow plates
  • 1650 m² ventilated ceilings and 170 m² ventilation grills
  • 75 switch cabinets for electrical equipment, including cabling
  • Design and installation of EI & C systems (Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Technology)/ remote control systems (electrical equipment, fan control, measuring equipment, integration of functions of airlock systems such as energy supply, locking/unlocking and status reporting of the airlock doors and pressure relief flaps) 
  • Integration of the airlock door functions into the EI & C systems
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