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Section 20

Noise Protection

Supply and installation of 31,300 m² noise protection wall cladding for the U-boxes, portal areas and galleries

Noise protection panels are to be installed on the new rail line. The total area is 31,300 m².

The works comprise the supply and installation of the substructure and highly sound absorbent wall cladding (panels), including earthing of the whole system.
The noise protection panels and substructure must be able to withstand the aerodynamic loading from the operating trains travelling at up to 280 km/h.

The noise protection works are divided up as follows:

  • U-box Radfeld: Length 790 m, area 6,785 m²
  • U-box Jenbach: Length 540 m, area 4,420 m²
  • U-box Stans: Length 505 m, area 3,910 m²
  • Gallery Terfens: Length 1.270 m, area 10,580 m²
  • U-box Baumkirchen: Length 640 m, area 5,235 m²
  • Retaining wall Baumkirchen: Length 270 m, area 370 m²
U-box typical cross section

U-box typical cross section<br />

Gallery typical cross section

Gallery typical cross section <br />

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